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Name: Elijah Arnold Region/Concept: Bath Township, MI/Emotion-Mood Sub-concepts: Anger, Vengeance, Blame Description: Pissed off man, Andrew Kehoe, was a farmer living in Bath, Michigan. A member of the school board and the town clerk, on May 18, 1927 he orchestrated a plot … Continue reading

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Incarceration Name: Michael Winter Geographical Location: United States Concept: Time Sub-concept: Punishment, Power, Value Description: Society punishes all crimes by taking time away from the perpetrator Interpretation: In the modern era, society has decided that all crimes should be met … Continue reading

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Human Meat

Name: Paco Chan Concept: Animality Sub-Concepts: Excess, Fate, Cruelty Interpretation: Everyday millions of animals are slaughtered and delivered to various places on earth so humans can indulge in a nice filling meal. Not too long ago, animal activists decided to … Continue reading

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Jeff Weise school shooting

Name: Vladimir Ullmann-Hamon Sub-Concepts: Cruelty, The other, Ego On the 22nd of March 2005, a sixteen year old boy called Jeff Weise entered Red Lake Senior High School and killed 7 people and injured 5 others. The killing has since … Continue reading

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